Penfolds Brickwork & Patios


Penfolds Brickwork and Patios. Patio Contractors. Patio Design and Construction in Kent.Penfolds Patio and Brickwork Contractors - design and contruction in Kent. At Penfolds we have 25 years experience in patio construction from bespoke patios to utility paving area we are the company to call.

Natural stone patios:

With a wide range of natural stone available, such as sandstone, limestone, granite and travertine, now is the perfect time to have a truly bespoke patio. We can also install any walling, steps and landscaping needed to compliment your design.

Patio design and construction:

At Penfolds Tarmac we can carry out the Patio design and construction for you, making sure it works well with any walling, steps and planting. We have the experience and machinery to deal with the biggest projects which may need extensive excavation or clearance.